The show “I Love OPM” is back for another season.

 The show “I Love OPM” is back for another season.

I Love OPM, an intimate showcase at Marrakech plenary and plaza of Hacienda Isabella, has become a larger musical event. Led by OPM icon Kuh Ledesma, the successful repeat performance at the Music Museum will be mounted again on Jan. 12, paying tribute to Filipino music creativity.

Kuh will share the stage with Rey Valera, Marco Sison, Rachel Gerodias, and Isabella Gonzalez. The show highlights the enduring appeal of OPM and aims to remind audiences to cherish it while embracing diverse music forms. Special guests included Mark Carpio, Janno Gibbs, Marco Sison, Kathy Mas, Isabella, and Mitch Valdes. For details, call 0960-8850288 or 09202868895.

Mayumi Guelas

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