Jiro Manio sells his Gawad Urian trophy on ‘Pinoy Pawnstars.’

 Jiro Manio sells his Gawad Urian trophy on ‘Pinoy Pawnstars.’

Former child actor Jiro Manio sold his Gawad Urian Best Actor Award trophy from his role in the film ‘Magnifico’ (2003) for P75,000. He showed the trophy to Boss Toyo on the YouTube series Pinoy Pawnstars.

Manio initially hoped to sell it for P500,000, but they settled on a final price of P75,000. Manio wants the trophy to be part of a museum collection for award-winning actors. Boss Toyo praised Manio’s contributions to the Filipino film industry.

Manio won the Gawad Urian Best Actor Award in 2004 for his performance in ‘Magnifico,’ a film about a boy raising money for his grandmother’s coffin and sister’s wheelchair.

Manio has received awards from other major award-giving bodies in the country. After leaving the entertainment industry, he went to rehab for drug use in 2011 and was later seen wandering the airport in 2015. He now volunteers at the Department of Health’s Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Bataan and has two daughters.

Mayumi Guelas

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