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Robi Domingo and Maiqui Pineda’s fabulous Filipino

Robi Domingo and Maiqui Pineda’s wedding was a celebration filled with Filipino culture and traditions. The couple chose to incorporate elements that showcased their love for their Filipino heritage. One

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ELE group collapse: Workers forced to sleep

The sudden and unexpected termination of their employment has left these workers in a state of despair, with nowhere else to turn. With Christmas just around the corner, the timing

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In a sudden geological event, the Philippines was struck by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake, causing alarm across the nation and sending tremors that were felt in the capital city, Manila. The earthquake, which occurred at a depth of 168 kilometers, prompted immediate concern regarding infrastructure and the wellbeing of the

Manila, Philippines – As part of an ongoing effort to streamline fiscal policies and enhance economic competitiveness, a call has been made for the Philippines to align its Value-Added Tax (VAT) system with international standards. This initiative aims to simplify the current VAT structure, making it more efficient and easier

Sports News – The prestigious Amit Cup, named in honor of billiards champion Rubilen Amit, is gaining significant traction within the cue sports community as it continues to attract a larger and more diverse field of competitors. This burgeoning interest reflects the tournament’s growing status as a key event on