Hori7on, the first Filipino K-pop boy band, looks forward to a promising future.

 Hori7on, the first Filipino K-pop boy band, looks forward to a promising future.

Members of Hori7on, the first-ever all-Filipino boy band to debut in Korea, recently had an interview with the Korea JoongAng Daily’s entertainment arm Celeb Confirmed. The seven members of the group, Jeromy, Kim, Kyler, Marcus, Reyster, Vinci, and Winston, greeted everyone at the JoongAng Ilbo headquarters in Seoul with enthusiasm and introduced themselves.

Hori7on, pronounced as “horizon,” won the audition program titled “Dream Maker,” which was jointly launched by Korean K-pop agency MLD Entertainment and Filipino media company ABS-CBN. They officially debuted on July 27 and have been gaining a lot of attention from fans in Southeast Asian countries, especially in the Philippines. The group has a strong presence on social media platforms like TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter), with a growing number of followers.

Their mission is to promote the Filipino culture and talent in Korea, where the global K-pop sensation originated. Hori7on has been actively promoting themselves by appearing on TV shows, YouTube channels, and even busking in Busan and Seoul. They want to combine the power of K-pop and P-pop (popular music of the Philippines) to conquer the global music scene.

During the interview, the members shared their journey from being contestants on a TV show to debuting in Korea. They discussed the challenges they faced and how their passion and drive led them to become the top seven out of 62 participants. The pressure was intensified by the differences between the K-pop training system in Korea and the lack of a similar system in the Philippines.

They also expressed their happiness and gratitude for their debut. Kyler shared that it was his late father’s dream as well, making it even more meaningful for him. Winston mentioned that all his hard work and time management paid off, and he is grateful for the support of their fans. The members are proud to represent the Philippines and are determined to do their best.

The inspiration to debut in Korea came from different sources for each member. Marcus was captivated by BTS’s song “DNA” and fell in love with K-pop’s unique choreography and voices. Vinci and Reyster became fans of Blackpink, starting with watching their dance practices and eventually falling in love with K-pop and Korean culture as a whole.

Being part of Hori7on hasn’t changed their perspective on K-pop; they are still fans. However, they now have a closer look at the hard work and behind-the-scenes aspects of being an idol. They have come to appreciate the strictness and structure of the K-pop industry compared to the Philippine entertainment industry.

When asked about the difference between K-pop and P-pop, Vinci emphasized that P-pop is heavily influenced by K-pop music. Though there may be differences in language, P-pop is evolving and exploring various genres beyond just dance music.

As the first all-Filipino boy band in Korea, Hori7on feels a great sense of responsibility. Marcus acknowledged the pressure but sees it as an opportunity to represent their country on a global stage. They aim to inspire other young Filipinos to pursue their dreams in the music industry.

In terms of future goals, Hori7on wants to continue growing as a group and showcase their talents even more. They hope to see more Filipino artists debuting in Korea and encourage others to seize similar opportunities.

Overall, Hori7on is determined to make a name for themselves in the K-pop industry while promoting Filipino culture and talent.

Mayumi Guelas

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