Derrick and Elle maintain their captivating onscreen chemistry as they star in GMA’s revenge drama, Makiling.

 Derrick and Elle maintain their captivating onscreen chemistry as they star in GMA’s revenge drama, Makiling.

January 8, 2024

Derrick Monasterio and Elle Villanueva showcased their talents as the lead actor and promising female star in the drama series Return to Paradise. Their onscreen chemistry was undeniably natural, and they clicked with each other during their first team-up. Their exceptional partnership will be highlighted once again in the revenge drama titled Makiling, produced by GMA Public Affairs. The show will start airing today at 4 p.m. on weekdays.

When asked to compare their two GMA Afternoon Prime shows in terms of narrative and theme, Derrick responded, “Return to Paradise focuses on the romance of Red and Eden. Makiling, on the other hand, is all about revenge, with more angst and emotional depth.”

In Makiling, Derrick portrays Alex, a habal-habal driver, while Elle plays Amira, a provincial lass. Alex becomes Amira’s love interest in the story. Elle shared that her character in Return to Paradise was a very innocent woman, while in Makiling, Amira is also innocent but learns to stand up for herself. She undergoes a transformation throughout the series.

Makiling’s plotline delves into issues such as traditional medicine, bullying, and seeking revenge. Elle highlighted the importance of being informed about personal health choices and having accessible and affordable healthcare. Amira comes from a family of herbal healers and carries on the tradition of folk medicine in rural areas. The story also addresses the issue of bullying when Amira moves to the city.

The characters’ experiences with abuse and bullying lead them to take revenge. Elle emphasized the importance of standing up for oneself and not perpetuating the cycle of hurt. Derrick added that seeking justice can lead to a desire for revenge when it feels unattainable.

When asked about their approach to portraying their characters, Derrick mentioned the need to feel and internalize their roles while mastering the script. For Elle, getting out of Amira’s character after experiencing bullying from the “Crazy 5” bullies is a challenge that requires strong mental and emotional health.

Regarding their personal and professional lives after Return to Paradise, Derrick revealed that they became a couple after the show ended. They developed their friendship into something more, and it continues to grow stronger. Elle expressed gratitude for their relationship and the opportunities they’ve received from GMA.

Makiling can be watched on weekdays on GMA and is also available on GMA Pinoy TV.

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