Gloria Diaz Suggests a Separate Pageant for Trans Women

 Gloria Diaz Suggests a Separate Pageant for Trans Women

Manila, Philippines – Gloria Diaz, who holds the historic title of being the first Filipino to win the Miss Universe crown in 1969, has recently weighed in on the evolving conversation around the inclusivity of transgender women in beauty pageants. At a press conference for her new film “Mallari,” Diaz suggested that transgender women should perhaps have their own pageant.

Praise for Talent and Acceptance of Diversity

Diaz first acknowledged the performance of Michelle Dee, a Filipino beauty queen who represented the Philippines at an international pageant last month. Despite not taking home the crown, Dee’s talent did not go unnoticed by Diaz, who hinted at the possibility of future success should Dee decide to compete again. This reflects a larger trend of acceptance for repeat contenders in pageant circuits.

Language and Destiny in Pageant Success

Reflecting on her own experience in the Miss Universe pageant, Diaz discussed the importance of language and communication. She emphasized that contestants should have the option to speak in their native tongues, suggesting that it may help them articulate their thoughts more clearly and confidently.

Diaz also shared her belief that her pageant win was less about physical attributes and more a matter of fate, offering an introspective look at her historic victory.

The Case for a Separate Transgender Pageant

The conversation took a turn when Diaz addressed the topic of transgender women participating in traditional women’s beauty pageants, a subject of ongoing debate in pageantry. While expressing support for the inclusion of transgender contestants, Diaz pointed out the complexities involved, noting that trans women might have an edge in terms of stage experience while also missing out on certain lived experiences typical of cisgender women, such as dealing with menstrual issues during competitions.

Diaz proposed the idea of a unique pageant for transgender women, suggesting it might offer a fairer and more balanced competition. This idea opens up a dialogue on how the beauty pageant industry can be more inclusive while also recognizing the diverse experiences of all women.

Family and the Pageant World

Diaz concluded the press conference by touching on her personal life, sharing her contentment that her daughters have chosen paths away from the beauty pageant spotlight. She expressed support for her daughter Belle’s interest in film, showcasing her supportive nature as a mother.

The statements by Gloria Diaz highlight the ongoing discussions about inclusivity and fairness within the beauty pageant industry. Her suggestion for a separate pageant for transgender women contributes to a broader conversation about representation and equality in the evolving world of pageantry. While opinions on the subject may vary, Diaz’s perspective offers a starting point for future discussions on how to celebrate beauty and talent in a way that honors the distinct experiences of all participants.

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