Enrique K. Razon has been named Filipino of the Year.

 Enrique K. Razon has been named Filipino of the Year.

After the pandemic, the Philippines and the world were trying to recover and resume where they left off in early 2020.

DAILY TRIBUNE wants to recognize those who played a role in the Philippines’ successful economic recovery. The candidates include Sabin Aboitiz, who is leading a P380-billion transformation of Aboitiz Equity Ventures using digital technology. Aboitiz is also involved in government advisory work.

Lucio Tan III, president of PAL Holdings Inc., has brought new ideas and strategies to the Lucio Tan group, making Philippine Airlines profitable again.

George Royeca, founder of Angkas, supported thousands of Filipinos during the pandemic through his ride-hailing firm. He also played a role in a consumer campaign that aimed to boost confidence during the pandemic.

Teresita Sy-Coson, vice chairperson of SM Investments Corporation, has contributed to job creation and economic growth during the pandemic through her involvement in various companies.

Enrique K. Razon, president and chairman of International Container Terminal Services Inc., was chosen as the Filipino of the Year for his global expansion efforts and leadership during the pandemic.

Razon’s exceptional leadership in the port business has elevated the Philippines’ reputation and contributed to economic growth. He has also been involved in philanthropy.

Razon’s accomplishments inspire Filipino entrepreneurs and business leaders and promote national pride.

Mayumi Guelas

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